The New Shape of Yoga

The world’s first and only yoga mat designed to fit the shape of your body and the movements of your practice.

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Unique Hourglass Design

Namast'ay on Your Mat

The slightly bigger size gives you the freedom to move through your practice without worrying about staying on your mat.

Practice outside the box.

Yoga is about freeing the body. So feel free to stretch a little further, stay present a little longer, and don’t dare conform.

Get a Grip

Infinity Yoga Mats grip more the wetter they get.

What people are saying

This mat is great! Grip is tight and only gets better as I sweat. This unique shape and size is just what I've been wanting. Highly recommended for anyone in the market for a new mat. 

Kyle Chick, Yoga Instructor

The first time I used the mat I was in a crowded yoga class in NYC. Once I unrolled it, not only did the person next to me comment how much she loved it, I looked at all the other straight, rectangular mats and knew I wasn't going back.

Chris Neuner, Yogi and Founder of Float Retreats

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to practice on one of the first Infinity Yoga Mats produced. It felt like doing yoga in HEAVEN. Since that day on the Infinity Yoga Mat, no other mat has compared. It's THAT good. 

Layla Boyles, Yogi

Durable yet Eco-Friendly

Slightly Bigger. Infinitely Better.

Two Mats in One

An absorbant micro-fiber top layer and a natural rubber base give this mat the anti-slip power of a towel and the structure of a yoga mat. And it’s reversible!

Grips Like Glue

The top layer grips even better the more you sweat and helps you stick like glue during sweatier practices. The smooth surface allows for fluid jump throughs.

Easy to Clean

Clean your Infinity Yoga Mat mat after practice with warm soapy water and allow to dry. After a heavy sweat session, throw it in a washing machine and hang it to dry.

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